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How to get paid to Travel

13 April 2015

Around the world there is a growing need for speakers of English. Nations throughout the world such as China, Japan, Brazil, Colombia, India, Indonesia and many other countries are in a stage of economic growth and globalization, leading to business relationships with predominantly English speaking countries. With these country’s growing economies comes new opportunities for better, higher paying jobs for natives.

This also opens up opportunities for you! With the growing need for English speakers comes a high demand for English teachers. Schools around the world look for speakers of English with a highly accredited certification to teach.

Teaching abroad is an amazing way to expand your horizons by opening up new opportunities in your life and career. Our TEFL program here at Boston Academy of English provides invaluable experience teaching international students in a real classroom. Our teaching methods are cutting edge and internationally recognized. We are constantly improving our course to keep up with the latest technology and newfound methods to stay current throughout our program.

A well-recognized certification from a reputable school is important to schools and programs around the world. A TEFL certificate will give you the advantage you need to be hired over other applicants who are not certified. Showing that you are well qualified to teach English will also give you an advantage when negotiating for a higher salary. A TEFL certificate from Boston Academy of English can be your ticket to fulfilling your bucket list while getting paid and enriching lives around the world.

For more information on getting your TEFL certificate and getting paid to travel the world please browse our website, or sign up for one of our TEFL Open Houses!


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