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Where Did TEFL Take You?

12 September 2016


Iffaf, EFL Teacher and IELTS Coordinator


A lot of people think that the CELTA is just the hitch-hiker’s passport to the world and, yes, I travelled the world, but I did so much more. Now, alongside teaching English as a Second Language, I teach English for Specific Purposes and the door has been opened to publishing.

Niccolo, EFL Teacher


My Celta was literally a life-enhancing experience. It immediately took me on to white, ski slopes on the Alps, teaching ski-instructors; then on to pristine woodland lake villages in the Slovak Republic working with peace-keepers; and then, sailing onto Australia tutoring naval cadets for the CAE. It gave me the opportunity to start meaningful life-long friendships with so many genuine people from diverse backgrounds and heritages: from Italian premier league managers, to pregnant Spanish mothers sitting their PET orals just before child-birth. Above all, it has made my stress-free, rewarding life so much fun both in the classroom and out.

Florence, EFL Teacher and Cambridge Exams Coordinator


‘Languages have always been my field of predilection and I studied Modern and Applied Linguistics at university. Freshly qualified as an interpreter, I was offered a job in Finance, translating for big cheeses for the Board of Directors. From there, my career unexpectedly veered into pure Finance, I further qualified in Business and Finance and before I knew it, I had been working in Client Relations Management in Finance for 20 years. By that time, I was ready for a new challenge and considered my options: How could I use my existing skills in a different field? Was I not too old to change careers? One day, a good friend of mine who is a primary school teacher told me about the CELTA. I didn’t waver for long to be honest: the course was quite short and I felt it left the door open to going back to my old job if it did not work out. A few short weeks later, I found myself newly qualified to teach English as a Foreign Language. I found a job straight away, teaching in the heart of London to students from all over the world. My qualms about not being a native English speaker soon disappeared and it has been a truly enriching experience. I can honestly say that I love the job. After barely 2.5 years I even took the DELTA and there now is no looking back. I am looking forward to further developing my new career by specialising in teaching Cambridge Exams. I would heartily recommend taking the CELTA, it’s a total win-win situation, go for it!




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